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Columbus Day Presidential Proclamation

OCTOBER 21, 2013 | "Late in the summer of 1492, Christopher Columbus, a renowned navigator and fearless adventurer, set out with three ships into uncharted waters. He hoped to discover a new route to the east -- opening trade routes for precious spices and paving the way for his patrons, Ferdinand II and Isabella I, to expand their empire. Instead, more than two months later, his crew spotted the Bahamas, and our world was changed forever." READ MORE >>>


Happy National Italian American
Heritage Month!

OCTOBER 12, 2013 | Italian Americans throughout the country unofficially celebrate October as National Italian American Heritage Month. Although some states and localities, such as New Jersey and Salt Lake City have officially designated October as such, the Federal government has yet to proclaim a National Italian American Heritage Month. Congressional resolutions to make the national designation official across the United States have gone nowhere.

Once again we call upon Congressmen Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) and Pat Tiberi (R-OH), co-chairs of the Italian American Congressional Delegation, to support the Italian American Community's calls for designation of the month of October as the National Italian American Heritage Month. On this occasion, we'd like to share with our readers, the recent remarks made by Domenic J. Pulera, to the Italian Club in Rockford, Illinois. Pulera is the author of Red, White, and Blue: the Italian American Success Story. READ MORE >>>


Testimony of John R. Phillips Ambassador-Designate
to the Italian Republic

"While it may not be apparent from my last name, Phillips, I am one of those 20 million Americans of Italian descent. My grandparents, Angelo Filippi and Lucy Colussy, left their villages in the Friuli region of northern Italy to come to America to seek a better life. They settled down in a small town near Pittsburgh, where others from small towns in Italy had come before. When my father’s older brother went to school for the first time, the teacher showed him how to write Filippi in American: Phillips. My brothers, cousins and I have always regretted losing that distinctive Italian identity." READ MORE


NIAF Announces Ernest L. Pellegri $500,000 Grant
in Latin and Related Studies

August 11, 2013 | Colleges and universities in the United States are invited to submit proposals for the development and implementation of a program(s) to support the study of Latin, ancient Roman archaeology, ancient Roman civilization and other related subjects. The grant will support opportunities for students to study abroad, conduct research, and pursue fellowships in the United States and in Italy. READ MORE


President Obama to Nominate
John R. Phillips as the New Ambassador to Italy

July 9, 2013 | The White House announced this evening that President Obama intends to nominate Washington, D.C. attorney John R. Phillips, as the new ambassador to Rome, replacing U.S. Ambassador David Thorne.

Mr. Phillips was a founder and partner in the Washington, DC Law Firm of Phillips John Phillips& Cohen, LLP from 1988 until his retirement this year. The lawe firm is devoted exclusively to representing whistleblowers in cases brought under federal and state whistleblower reward programs.

Mr. Phillips currently serves as Member and Chair of the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. He was previously appointed to this Commission in 1997. From 1988 to 1993, he was a member of the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. In 1971, he founded the Center for Law in Public Interest for which he served as co-director for 17 years.

He is the founder of Taxpayers Against Fraud and currently serves on its board of directors. He received a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame and a J.D. from the University of California Berkeley School of Law. According to a recent article in the New York Times, he was one of three Obama fundraisers who sought this plum diplomatic posting. According to another news report, Mr. Phillips' grandparents emigrated from Italy.


Festa della Repubblica - Italy's National Day
Celebrated Across America

Washington: Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero and Mrs. Laura Denise Bisogniero greeted more than 2000 guests,including House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi ....>>

Philadelfia: The Consul General Luigi Scotto says farewell and honors Sicilian actor Gilberto Idonea ...>>


(Photo by Derek Parks)




Statement by Secretary of State John Kerry
On the Occasion of Italy's Republic Day

June 3, 2013 ~ I congratulate the people of Italy as they celebrate Republic Day this June 2. Following years of struggle, the Italian people in 1946 made an historic choice that set their country on the path to becoming the vibrant democracy it is today. Commemorations such as this provide an opportunity to reflect upon the fundamental values our two countries share. I have a particular admiration and affection for the Italian experience since my own personal narrative is interwoven with many visits to Italy, and many Italian friends. I witnessed firsthand the effects of the Italian economic miracle of the 1950's which so clearly exhibited a national strength of character. The U.S.-Italy alliance is grounded in our shared history and strengthened by the bonds of mutual respect, trust, and affection between our two peoples. These ties have been reaffirmed during my two visits to Italy as Secretary, and by the conversations I have had recently with Prime Minister Enrico Letta and Foreign Minister Emma Bonino. We are working together to address challenges and attain common goals – promoting peace and stability in the Middle East and North Africa, outlining a path for global economic prosperity that will provide greater opportunity for young people, and protecting the environment for future generations. Our cooperation on security issues remains particularly close, and we are grateful for the hospitality extended to our defense personnel. It is in the spirit of this enduring partnership and friendship that I extend to all Italians my sincere best wishes on this 67th anniversary of Republic Day


Message by Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero
On the Occasion of Italy's Republic Day

June 2, 2013 ~ Cari Connazionali, sono felice di celebrare con voi questo 2 giugno del 2013, 67esimo anniversario della fondazione della Repubblica Italiana. E' un'occasione che ci riempie di gioia e che ha un profondo significato, anche perché èuna ulteriore opportunità per celebrare gli eccellenti rapporti di amicizia che esistono fra l'Italia e gli Stati Uniti. Rapporti che si fondano fra l'altro proprio sulla presenza di oltre 25 milioni di americani d'origine italiana e di più di 200.000 cittadini italiani che hanno fatto degli Stati Uniti la loro casa. READ MORE...


Remarks by Secretary John Kerry in Rome
Year of Italian Culture

"But in truth, Italian culture is everywhere in our country. I don't know anybody who doesn't dance to it, laugh to it, sing it, think about it, look at it, feel it, and everybody I know dreams always of coming to Italy at some point. And they do. You have an amazing gene, I think it is, for style and quality and design and engineering and for the visual and the arts. And you walk around Rome, you just feel it." Read more



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