Italian Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero Formally Welcomed to Washington by Italian American Congressional Delegation

April 28, 2012 ~ A Congressional reception formally welcoming Claudio Bisogniero, the new Italian Ambassador to the United States Bill Pascrellwas held at the U.S. Capitol on April 26, 2012. The event was hosted by the National Italian American Foundation under the auspices of the Frank J. Guarini Public Policy Forum and the Italian American Congressional Delegation (IACD).

Congressman Bill Pascrell, co-chair of the IACD, welcomed Bisogniero and the guests at the Rayburn Building. "We are all very proud of you, Ambassador Bisogniero, and it feels as if you have been here with us for years, may Italy and America be friends forever," he said.

Ambassador Bisogniero, who was introduced by NIAF President Joseph Del Raso, spoke about the values of freedom and democracy, friendship and strength shared between the Italian American community and Italy. "We know very well, at the Embassy, we now very Nacy Pelosi, Claudio Bisognierowell in Rome, the incredible role that the Italian American community plays in fostering and strengthening the relations between Italy and the United States."

Bisogniero also noted the positive increase of students taking the Advanced Placement (AP) Exam in Italian in schools across the United States.

He closed with the announcement of the upcoming Year of Italian Culture in the United States in 2013. Ambassador Bisogniero went on to explain that 2013 will showcase the art, culture and innovation of Italy—its past and future. Claudio Bisogniero, Anita McBride

Attending the reception were Representatives Pat Tiberi, who co-chairs the Italian-American Congressional Delegation, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Representatives Michael Capuano, David Cicilline, Rosa DeLauro, Mike Doyle, Virginia Foxx, John Mica and Jim Renacci. Also attending were NIAF Board Members Gabriel A. Battista, John F. Calvelli, Robert E. Carlucci, Joseph M. Della Ratta, Mike Ferguson, Patricia de Stacy Harrison, Hon. Anita Bevacqua McBride, John P. Rosa and Mark Valente III, and NIAF's newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer John M. Viola.


(Pictured from the top: Rep. Bill Pascrell; Nancy Pelosi, Claudio Bisogniero; Claudio Bisogniero, Anita McBride; group pic)