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Pietro Frassica - at Italian Cultural Institute in Washington


Click below to listen to part of Prof Frassica's presentation at the Italian Embassy, Italian Cultural Institute held on February 19, 2009. Introducing Prof,. Frassica is Rita Venturelli, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington..

Pietro Frassica (Ph.D., Boston College), is professor in Italian at Princeton since 1976. His sPietro FRassica at Italian Embassycholarship has been in the early Renaissance, the 18th century, and contemporary literature and theater. He has written over sixty scholarly and popular articles, and is the author of five books, among which Varianti e invarianti dell’evocazione, which received the 2006 “Val Comino” Prize; and a critical edition of the Renaissance poet and historian Gian Mario Filfelfo's Chroniche de la città de Anchona, 1979, which received the “Premio Internazionale Calabria di letteratura” in 1980.

Apart from editing many books on Italian literature, he has co-authored a first-year Italian grammar, Per modo di dire, 1981; an anthology of 20th-century Italian prose and poetry, Immagini del Novecento italiano, 1986; and a second-year Italian grammar, Vivere in Italia, 1992.

In 1998 Frassica was the recipient of the Italian-American Hall of Fame award, and in 2001 received an “I migliori” prize from the Pirandello Society of Boston. He currently teaches a seminar, popular Pietro Frassica with Princeton  studentwith students, on the literature of Italian gastronomy.


(Pictured above, Pietro Frassica at italian Embassy, in Washington DC.


Left: Prof Frassica with one of his students at Princeton University 2008







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