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Christopher Columbus Mass Celebrated in Washington, DC

10/10/11 - The Knights of Columbus Discovery Cross and Expeditionary Banner Bearers, the Color Corps and Honor Guard, joined the parishioners of the Italian American parish, Holy Rosary Church, in Washington, DC, at a mass today commemorating Christopher Columbus. The mass was celebrated by Rev. Frank Donio, S.A.C., State Chaplain, DC Knights of Columbus.

In his homily, Father Donio recalled the contributions that Italians American have made to this country, and in particular how many of them came to America with virtually nothing. However, "because of their Catholic faith and the churches such as the Holy Rosary Church, they were lifted up and moved forward." The mass was concelebrated by Rev. Lydio Tomasi, C.S., Pastor of the Holy Rosary Church.

Following the mass, a civic ceremony was held in the courtyard of the church where a status of Christopher Columbus was erected an dedicated on September 17, 1992 in celebration of the WQuincentennial Anniversary of the discovery of America. Among the speakers were Thomas Mauro, President of the Lido Civic Club of Washington, Peter A. Gabauner, Jr., State Deputy, DC Knights of Columbus, and Thomas J. Hogan, President, National Columbus Celebration Association.

In his remarks Mauro noted the "unique bond" of the Lido Civic Club with the Holy Rosary Church dating back to 1929 when the Lido Civic Club was founded "to advance and uphold the culture, values, and traditions that we inherited fro our Italian parents." "By honoring Columbus each year we also honor the immigrant experince and traditions of our nation's people because in some ways that experience measures our worth, " said Mauro.

The ceremony concluded with the singing of America the Beautiful performed by the J. Kemp Cook Archdiocese of Washington District Choir, directed by Anthony Colbert.





"At two hours after midnight the land was sighted at a distance of two leagues. They shortened sail, and lay by under the mainsail without the bonnets. The vessels were hove to, waiting for daylight; and on Friday they arrived at a small island of the Lucayos, called, in the language of the Indians, Guanahanj. Presently they saw naked people. The Admiral went on shore in the armed boat, and Martin Alonso Pinzon, and Vicente Yanez, his brother, who was captain of the Nina. The Admiral took the royal standard, and the captains went with two banners of the green cross, which the Admiral took in all the ships as a sign, with an F and a Y and a crown over each letter, one on one side of the cross and the other on the other." The Journal of Christopher Columbus translated by Clements R. Markham.












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