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V Sicilian Film Festival of Miami

The V Sicilian Film Festival of Miami, has released the final selection of film participants for the American showing of Sicilian cinematography, to be held at the Miami Beach Cinematheque ( from the 16th to the 21st of April, 2010.


The Sicilian Film Festival, thanks to the contribution of Assessorato Regionale Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo of the Region Sicily, of institutions like Filmoteca rossomalpeloRegionale Siciliana and Barry University of Miami, of medias like MiamiSunPost and The Beach Channel TV and individuals like Coco Blaffer, promotes the Sicilian culture and cinema here in the United States. It will offer many attractions and surprises and give tribute to those Sicilians that took part in the history of worldwide cinema. The Sicilian Film Festival is worthy of the top spotlight for delivering to all the world the essence of a real and true "Sicilian Cinema" and has received international acclaim. Quite a number of films were added to the selection aside from the Italian productions and foreign films. The titles of the feature movies are Rosso Malpelo by Pasquale Scimeca, The Right Guy by Tony Trupia, Motherland by Nello Uomo GiustoLa Marca, already seen at Berlin film festival, Left Out by Fabiomassimo Lozzi.


Thanks to the collaboration of RAI (Italian State Television) again this year the TV-movie section will also have great titles as Caravaggio by Angelo Longoni opening the festival in memory of the 400 years since the passing of this great artist who gave to Sicily memorable

masterpieces, and Joe Petrosino by Alfredo Peyretti starring Beppe Fiorello. Special Country Guest this year in the section Mediterranean Cultures, will be Syria with the animation movie The Jasmine Birds by Sulafa Hijazi that with this movie just got the Golden Prize at Cairo Film Festival, in Egypt. In the same section will appear For Sophia by Ilaria Paganelli, just screened at the Festival of Rome, featuring another Mediterranean island setting: Sardinia.


This year the prestigious Career Award will go to the Sicilian Actor Lando Buzzanca and will be presented at the festival for his TV movie in 2 episodes My Son by Luciano Lorenzo VacircaOdorisio, audence record in Itay. The short film section will have: Lorenzo Vacirca

by Nico Bonomolo, Acclaim At Cibali by Alfio D'Agata, Au Pair by Giulio La Monica, The Light of the Dream by Roberto d'Amiata, Emotions Without Boundaries by Lorenzo Muscoso, Pasolini Requiem by Mario Vergier. In

addition there will be numerous documentaries, like Ortygia by GianLuca Agati, Joe's Sea by Enzo Incontro, Carriglio/Oresteia by Liliana Paganini, The legend of Blue Fish by Simone Catania, Killing Is My Fate by Giovanni Massa. Among

the various honored guests will be conductor Giuseppe Cataldo, former artistic director of the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra, who will receive an homage. Elio Petri, director of remarkable movies shot in Sicily, will be remembered with a tribute in loving memory by his nephew Giordano Petri, protagonist of the film in competition For Sofia.


In addition, the writer GianFranco Cammarata will present his novel Gli Altavista, abouGli Altavistat the epic story of a Sicilian family. An international jury will give first prize to the feature films for best film, best production, best performance and best technical contribution; there

are one or two scheduled awards for best short film that are authored by a few of the young writers, these are added to demonstrate the vitality and the future of Sicilian cinema.

To complete our playbill, there will be cocktail parties and cocktails, press conferences, round tables, lessons, concerts, gastronomic events and much more. The Sicilian Film Festival is a creation of Sculptor, Emanuele Viscuso, who also acts as its President. The Artistic Director is Salvo Bitonti, whose accomplishments are: theater and film director and teacher of the History of Cinema.


The latest news, is a proposed project, The SFF is working on for the Sicilian Film Festival Web TV that may have its television cameras already ready for this annual event. To promote a wide range of Sicilian culture Viscuso has also previously created in Sicily the International Festival of Organ Music in the Churches of the Historic Pricedom of Castelbuono (F.I.M.O.) with the artistic direction of Diego Cannizzaro. For any questions regarding the event or the information contained within, please go to the website created by Roberto Villa and Massimiliano Minardi.


CiaoAmerica 03/25/2010


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