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The Annual Ceremony
Commemorating Charles J. Bonaparte
46th U.S. Attorney General and Founder of the FBI

On June 22, 1961, John N. LaCorte, who founded the Italian Historical Society of America in New York City, presented the U.S. Department of Justice with a monument dedicated to the memory of Charles Joseph Charles BonaparteBonaparte. The 46th Attorney General of the U.S., Bonaparte founded what is today's FBI, and also served as a Secretary of the Navy.

Robert F. Kennedy, who was the Attorney General in 1961, accompanied by Judge Edward Dominic Re, accepted the gift on behalf of the Department of Justice. Judge Re, who in 1961, was Chairman of the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, organized that original Bonaparte ceremony and subsequently spoke at nearly all the annual Bonaparte ceremonies until his passing in 2006.

For the past 20 years, The Friends of Charles J. Bonaparte, a group of current and former employees at the U.S. Department of Justice, have helped the Italian Historical Society of America continue this tradition by coordinating the annual Bonaparte ceremony. This year's ceremony will be held on June 9, 2010 in the Great Hall of the Department of Justice Bldg.

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50th Annual Ceremony - June 9, 2010


49th Annual Ceremony - June 11, 2009
Judge Giannicola Sinisi


48th Annual Ceremony - June 20, 2008

Hon. Francis Allegra

47th Annual Ceremony - 2007

2007 Bonaparte Ceremony

46th Annual Ceremony - June 23, 2006

45th Annual Ceremony - 2005

44th Annual Ceremony - June 9, 2004

Francesco Isgro, Judge Re, John LaCorte


43rd Annual Ceremony - August 29, 2003

Speakers: Francesco Isgro,


42nd Annual Ceremony - July 18, 2002

SPEAKERS: Francesco Isgro, Senior Litigation Counsel, USDOJ; Eugene Scalia, Solicitor of Labor Department of Labor; Adam G. Ciongoli, Counselor to the Attorney General, USDOJ;Michael A. DeFeo, Assistant Director Office of Professional Responsibility, Federal Bureau of Investigation; Judge Edward Re, Former Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of International Trade and Distinguished Professor of Law, St. John’s University.

41st Annual Ceremony - 2001


2001 Bonaparte Ceremony

40th Annual Ceremony - June 29, 2000

Speakers: Francesco Isgro, John La Corte, Kevin Di Gregory, Ron Cimino, Edward D. Re

39th Annual Ceremony - 1999


38th Annual Ceremony - June 26, 1998


37th Annual Ceremony - 1997


36th Annual Ceremony - 1996


35th Annual Ceremony - 1995

25th Annual Ceremony - 1985
24th Annual Ceremony - 1983
  • Remarks
  • SPEAKERS: William Lee Colwell, Executive Assistant Director, FBI; William Baker, Assistant Director, Congressional and Public Affairs, FBI; Norman Angelo Zigrossi, Special Agent in-Charge, FBI Washington Field Office; Anthony Liotta, Associate Deputy Attorney General; Joseph Di Genova, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia.










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